Summer 2014

It is impossible! It is already August. What a fast, crazy, wonderful, busy summer we are having.

We hit the floor running in April with a family project of remodeling a home for Lee’s brother.. We did things we haven’t tackled in years. Stripping walls to the studs, installing insulation and new wallboard, painting, installing tile and a brand new bathroom, a new kitchen, painting every surface, landscaping the yard of this adorable old settler’s cabin. It is over 100 years old and has original hardwood floors, now all nicely refinished. And we can still stand upright. Thankful for good health and strength.

Lee’s brother moved in a month ago, coming from Huntsville AL. He is a single, never married guy, so this home is incredibly meaningful to him. We love having him nearby as well. God is good.

All the while, we were engaged in the wedding of our grandson Lee, which took place on July 27. There was a wonderful bridal shower, a shrimp and fish boil for the rehearsal, a Lake Michigan beach wedding with an intruding storm bringing great beauty in the skies behind the bride and groom. Lee is my husband’s namesake and married Brianna, his great love. This beautiful redhead has brought joy and laughter to our family. Lee is the second married grandchild now, and it seems the dominoes are beginning to fall as there are others with the love of their lives not far behind. It is also wonderful to have the entire family in one place for a week or so. Skip and Nan (that’s us) hosted the day after wedding dinner for out of town guests and the opening of gifts by our new bride and groom.

We are still enjoying family but in a more leisurely way, with water and boats and great conversation.

This weekend we head north for two days of celebration with dear friends Herb and Nancy Gerhard, who are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, quite a milestone. Their very large family has a three day event all planned for them and it will be both fun and inspirational. Nancy was an original Sanibel Island mentor for the second ever class of Apples of Gold and mentored for probably 10 years. If you know Nancy, have met her at our conferences, you may want to send a card to them.

Their summer address is: 4206 Penninnsular Shores Drive, Grawn MI 49634.

This fall Lee and I are planning a car trip west. We plan to see our daughter and family in Seattle and other friends coming and going. This will be our second car trip to the west coast and I am especially looking forward to this time alone with Lee in the car and seeing wonderful sights along the way.

Because of these changes in our lives and our age, we will no longer sell books from the web site. We appreciate your faithfulness throughout the years. The orders not only gave discounts to you, it helped us know where our classes are. We would still appreciate if you will REGISTER your new classes so we can help others in your area find a class or church to attend. After all these years of taking books literally everywhere we went, on small and large trips, finding post offices in towns throughout the country, and Lee’s almost daily hauling of packages to the post office, it is time. Thank you for your understanding.

Books are of course available through ordering at Christian book stores, and on line at Christian and Amazon.

Remember that you can download the logo from the website and easily make your own aprons, bags, notebooks and such. Be creative. It is a lovely logo and prints beautifully on most fabrics and papers.

The website remains open for media kits, comments, questions, and testimonies. We love how the Lord is continuing to bless and grow “Apples” and new classes are starting all the time throughout the country. It is so good to hear how the Lord is blessing both mentors and participants, changing lives and challenging women to grow in Him.

Please keep in touch with us. We love and need to hear from you for both encouragement and information.

May the Lord bless each mentor and the young apples of His eye. May the Lord bless and keep you, May the Lord cause His face to shine on you and give you His peace.

Blessings, Betty