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Last October/November I went through Apples of Gold.  I didn’t know what to expect and let me tell you it changed my walk with the Lord drastically.  Along with how my marriage is and how I’ve changed towards my children.  I’ve been a Christian since I turned 8, now 32.  This is the only time I feel that I have truly learned what it is to be a woman of Gold.  I’ve developed a relationship with a mentor who I can go to for any type of support.  This program has changed me and changed my relationships with everybody for the rest of my life.  I can’t even explain how I feel about Apples and I want to thank you for bringing this program into fruition and developing, changing, and recharging lives!  Thank you! FL

We have just completed our first session of Apples of Gold.  Our Celebration dinner was last weekend.  What a joy it was to meet the husbands, have a beautiful dinner together in our home and hear the testimonies.  It was a special together time for my husband to share an exhortation and encouragement to the husbands, as well, to truly love their wives. I believe the fruits following from this ministry are countless, as women are obedient to Paul’s exhortation to Titus, to encourage the older women to come alongside the younger women and teach and train. Thank you again for such a great tool. Lynn, FL

Hi there~~ I am a former “Apple” from First Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama.

One of my mentors recently contacted me and asked that I send in information on something we did within our Apples of Gold group in case other groups may want to adopt the idea.

My particular Apples of Gold group loved the program so much that when the next group came along behind us we decided do develop a Big Sister program called “Apple Buds”.

The idea of Apples Buds is to group girls of the same age together to  further the Apples of Gold friendship ring.

It was the responsibility of each Big Sister to contact her Apple Bud each week  (phone, letter, special gift on her doorstep, etc) and encourage her in the virtue that was being discussed that week.

Several friendships were made through our Apple buds program that would not have happened otherwise.  Our church is rather large and by creating yet another avenue in which to meet and share with another woman who was at the same point in life as you was so special.

Thank  you so much for all that Apples of Gold stands for and for how it has touched and encouraged so many women. Joey.

We just finished another AOG session.  Wow, God really challenged us with these eight women. So many problems! But so like God He came with a fury and touched lives, changed lives and got others into a recovery program.  Only two were from my church and today after church one came up to me with her un-churched husband.  He gave me a big hug and talked about how much he enjoyed the Celebration dinner! We are meeting for fellowship a few more times because they are not ready to be let go of yet. 

Our session with the women that have husbands in addiction recovery went real well. It was before this session I just described to you.  They were very open and grateful.  Lots of seeds were sown.  We plan to follow up with them a t a brunch soon. So many hurting lambs, so little time. I pray you are well and wanted you to know how very much God is using Apples of Gold. Sherrie, OH

Just a note to let you know we launched 3 Apples of Gold groups just last week.  With a total of 30 participants, 12 mentors and God’s blessing, our first week was AWESOME!.  We praise God for the openness and commitment to Bible study along with lasting spiritual relationships being forged.  We are currently planning to begin a Christian girls club following a “Mommy and Me” retreat for 4th and  5th  grade girls and mothers in January.  I love the curriculum of Appleseeds for the follow-up study.  The Lord has impressed upon my heart to take out Titus mentoring ministries both broader with age span and deeper with specified area of outreach.  We are grateful for the programming and practical approach with Apples of Gold.  God bless! Kathy, IN

These are neat things shared by just one participant in Apples and how God changed her through it:

She is memorizing the ABC scriptures with her pre-school children.         

            At the celebration dinner, she shared the importance of church attendance with another couple who were struggling to get to church with their small children. Her comment, “You just have to do it” changed this couples church attendance habit, and they now attend every week. (She just had courage to admonish in love)

            She shared that she now has the courage to ask if she may offer a prayer with her friends at a restaurant.

            She shared that she realized that she was neglecting her husband. She changed that….her husband took notice!

            She shared that cooking almost paralyzed her with fear. Through the demos at apples, she is now inspired to cook for her family and enjoys it.

            She shared that she has a new interest in scripture rather than on material things.

Praise God for her openness to share with her apples group at a fellowship time!

Well, we did it!  Or I should say, “God did it!”  It was amazing!!  I’ve never really been a part of a ministry like this before, with such obvious direction and provision from God.  From my first meeting with our pastor, who got really excited about Apples of Gold, to our final  meeting last Tuesday night, God was in it and it was a beautiful thing to see!

I have the gif of helps, not administration, but felt strongly that God wanted AOG to be a ministry to our young women, so went ahead with it.  After reading the book and much prayer, with the blessing our pastor, I began contacting mentors as God directed.  Thinking that nobody in their right mind would want to be our cooking mentor, the first lady I told about it said, “Oh, I want to be the cooking mentor!”  I explained that she would need to plan menus, shop, and prepare her home each week in addition to the cooking.  She thought that sounded great!!!. She even had two women who happen to be wives of our pastors, who wanted nothing more than to be kitchen helpers!  What a team!  Then every woman I asked to be a mentor not only said “yes” but was very excited about it.”

My husband and I teach a class of young married women so we decided that was a good place to start.  Of course we had more than 6 who signed up, so had to put some on the waiting list for the next group.  We now have enough for another group, who were willing to wait!

After six wonderful meetings, at our final meeting, which included husbands, we gave opportunity for comments at the end and I think as many men had positive comments as women.  Some were husbands of the mentors others were young men who saw such positive changes in their wives, they really got excited!

We have just completed our first class of AOG this year.  We are having our celebration dinner this Sunday.  I want you to know that as we were doing the lessons, I could tell that there was much prayer about the preparation of these lessons. So much wisdom and depth that when I first looked over the material it didn’t look that way, but doing the lessons with the women was an incredible blessing, to see each week them being challenged and encouraged in their role as a godly woman, wife, and mother.  We had our meetings at 6 different houses and they could see the real us.  It definitely opened up the women’s hearts to see the different ways we do things with the same love for the Lord.

Just a quick note this morning to thank you again for following God’s leading in gifting us with Apples of Gold!

We started yesterday with 12 young women who are ready and eager to learn.  Donna, as always, opened her home with grace and joy, and we all had a great time.  Our women are older this time, which highlights the fact that there are few mentors, and much to add to the lives of these women.  I am quite sure that several have no personal relationship with God, which makes it even more a God gift.  One of our graduates has had her whole life and family of 7 children, and husband who is a recovering alcoholic, totally changed.  Her mentor has walked beside her almost daily through her journey towards God and a family that brings glory to God.  She tried to sit “outside the circle” at every meeting, now is an “inner circle” gem.  Thank you, thank you Lord.

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