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My Experience as an APPLE

Kathy C.

I was in Apples of Gold as a young pregnant wife.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the group except that it would cause me to miss a TV show that I really wanted to see….

I was nervous going to the first meeting. I’m not sure why, but I was.  Quickly my fears vanished as I was embraced by all of the other women.  I found out that one person lived right around the corner from me and there was another pregnant woman! I still didn’t know at this point, however, that this group would help me to better understand how to be a godly woman.

At the meetings, my heart was refreshed with ways in which God wants me to act as a humble servant, especially in my roles as wife and mother. This was done through Bible walks, other’s testimonials, and brainstorming over dinner.  There wasn’t one meeting that I walked away without my mind and heart bustling over things that had been discussed and thinking of new ways in which I could be a better servant. 

One specific example of this was during the theme of hospitality.  Before Apples, I never gave thought to this topic.  Through the teachings found in the Bible, my eyes were opened to this simple way that I could open my heart to others and through Apples I learned little things that can carry a big message to others as guests at my house.  I am very thankful for this teaching and now find myself opening the doors of my house as much as I do the doors of my heart.

I was highly impressed by not only the organization of the meetings and their content but also by the attention to detail.  The mentors were very thoughtful with their teachings and sincere in wanting us (the apples) to be the best we could be.  I would recommend this program for any woman trying to grow in her own walk with the Lord.

P.S. I don’t even remember what TV show I was missing!  That’s how much I enjoyed my time in Apples of Gold!

----and call the mentors “Granny Apples” ….they love it!~


Apples of Gold Testimony

Melinda B.

When I was asked to participate in the Apples of Gold program, I knew instantly that this was an answer to my prayers. My husband and I had been attending Macomb Christian Church for a while, but hadn’t really met too many people.  Since neither of us are originally from the area, we also didn’t have too many friends outside of the church.  I started to pray that God would help me meet new Christian women.  I was lonely and my heart was seeking for friendships.

The first night at Apples of Gold was AWESOME!!!! The women made me and the other “Unpolished Apples” feel welcomed and comfortable.  As the session continued, the feelings of being loved and accepted continued.  It was wonderful sitting around talking about family, relationships, showing kindness and love.  The dinners were probably my favorite times because that was when we were able to really talk one-on-one and develop the friendships to a deeper level.  I was given insight from older women about what they had learned throughout their experiences and that has helped me become a better person.  For me, the most important part of Apples of Gold was that when I went to church, I no longer felt alone, but there was a group of women who I always ran into that said “Hello” or “How’s it going?”  I felt that I had truly become part of the church family and was no longer an outsider looking in, longing for something that was missing.

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