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The following is part of a letter written from China.  The letter is written by an Asian couple (not Chinese) who are serving the Lord together in a large city in China.  Before going to China, they studied at Columbia International University (CIU) in Columbia, South Carolina.  While there, the wife, a very shy person, attended an Apples of Gold class led by Annette Murray, the wife of CIU's President, and loved every minute of it (both the teaching and the cooking).  Here is what her husband writes (in English which is not always perfect, but very understandable):

"One of the best Bible studies in the world is "Apples of Gold."  Finally, it was begun in our city here in China.  My wife have prayed about it, and spent three months to prepare place, helpers, teachers and needs.  September 15, Saturday, finally it started with eight Chinese registered members.  From first day, it was amazing.  Both attendants and teacher felt remarkably happy.
The topic of the Bible study in "Apples of Gold" is "Setting a Healthy Family."  This program is for young housewives.  It takes six weeks and total different six teachers lecture every week.  Also young housewives can learn cooking as well.  While they learn cooking for physical food and eat their dishes, they also learn spiritual food.  Here in China, food is one of the important cultures.  So this way of Bible study really suits.  Now, everything in China is changing and developing.  Therefore, everyone pursues something new and accepts it. Such new way of studying Bible ("Apples of Gold") satisfies people's concerns and needs.
Previous, most of Bible study requires that one teacher teaches many groups of people.  But "Apples of Gold" is not in the old pattern.  Six teachers undertake each lecture.  They teach the students with the topic given, and with their own testimony.  So every class is very new and impressive.  My wife has chosen the teachers.  There is one American, one Japanese, one Singaporean, one Korean American, one Taiwanese, and one Korean.  Cooker is the one who has qualification of cooking. 
These are the topics in the class: Lesson 1, Kindness.  Lesson 2, Loving Your Children.  Lesson 3, Loving Your Husband.  Lesson 4, Submission.  Lesson 5, Purity.  Lesson 6, Hospitality.
Nowadays, the number of separated families is dramatically increasing in China.  A recent statistic shows that 80% of married couple in their 20s is getting divorce.  Now is the time we should set the family stable.  Throughout the family project in "Apples of Gold," attendants are expecting substantial helps and solution for healthy family.  Last time was my wife's turn to lecture.  It was first time my wife standing in front of eight Chinese women and lecture in Chinese.  It took about one and half hour.  People were impressed.  They know how passive personality my wife has. So, they continuously gave us phone calls, cheering my wife.  All the glories to God!  Also, thanks anyone who prayed for us."
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