What you can look forward to…

Apples of Gold begins with an organizational coffee or tea to introduce women to the ministry of Apples of Gold. The lessons include six- three hour sessions that are held in homes. A Celebration Dinner with spouses and friends follows the completion of lessons.

The first hour is cooking time. Women learn menu planning, cooking tips, wonderful recipes to be used at home, and ideas for setting the table for your family and guests.

The second hour we study the lesson for the week from our Apples of Gold book, led by a gracious, seasoned mentor.

The third hour we enjoy the food prepared in the first hour, and share Table Talk questions from the lesson.

Each class is encouraged to hold “APPLESAUCE” meetings where women from all the prior classes return for a social event, additional Bible study, or just a time to share more from the lessons learned. These events keep the women close and encourage them in the lessons learned in class.

Creative mentors have had tea parties, complete with hat contests. A prize is given for the most original, most beautiful, and others have gone on a weekend shopping trip to a nearby city. At Christmas, many classes bake cookies and package them for shut-ins and the elderly of their church.

Many mentors continue one-on-one mentoring with a woman who needs additional teaching after the six weeks is over.

Apples of Gold mentors are loving, gracious women. Their heart is toward God and they choose to serve the young women with their time and gifts.

What Apples of Gold will do…
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