Appleseeds is a mentoring ministry for pre-teen girls. It is a ten-week program that can be used as Sunday School curriculum, in a neighborhood with moms and daughters, in homes with older mentors or one on one. Each of the ten lessons includes: a Bible lesson, Manners Matter, and a craft which is a reminder of the lesson for the week.

Lessons include:

What is God Like?
How Can I Know God?
Who Am I?
What Am I Thinking?
What Am I Looking At?
What Am I Listening To?
What Am I Saying?
How Is My Heart?
What Am I Holding?
Where Am I Going?

This top-to-toe approach teaches the girls how to be young women of God, to live pure lives, how to get along with friends, and the importance of good manners, including modesty and how to dress, how to make introductions, writing thank you notes, setting a proper table, and so much more.

The young girls share openly with their mentors and one another.

 Testimony from Mary De Witt
Appleseeds Mentor – Holland MI

For many years, Mary De Witt was a mentor in Apples of Gold. She aptly taught Loving Your Children. Mary is married to Jack De Witt. Together they serve the Lord with great joy and purpose. Mary and Jack have five children and seventeen grandchildren.

Mary has now joined the mentors of Appleseeds at Central Wesleyan Church in Holland. Central Wesleyan provides the Appleseeds program for pre-teen girls during the Sunday School hour.

The following is a letter I received from Mary with her testimony about Appleseeds. ~ Betty

Hi Betty-

I just had to write you a note!. This is my 4th year teaching Appleseeds to 5th-grade girls in my church. Every year I grow to love it more, and I find it challenges my own life as it relates to my relationship with God regarding attitudes and choices I make. I am so convicted; this book is such an essential, spiritual, helpful, fun and encouraging study for the girls (I think you can apply it to 5th-grade boys as well). In today’s times, with all the many voices which are calling for our girls’ attention—friends, advertisements, television shows, magazines, and movies, it’s critical to have a book which is written in simple, everyday language and is in agreement with the Word of God. Clearly, it helps the girls to be very aware of making right and good choices to honor God. You, Betty, have written this book in such a way that it draws every girl to want to participate as we usually have to limit their answers (we women do have a little problem with too many words!)

The crafts, along with the lesson each week, have been fun to make as we talk about how they apply to our lesson for that week. One lesson was decorating a toothbrush as a reminder of what we say and how we should keep our words and mouth clean. I even made one for myself as a reminder of what I am saying – “Is it please to God and encouraging to others?” It is such a good, visible reminder!

Thanks, Betty, for your obedience to God as you listened to Him by writing Appleseeds and by sharing His and your wisdom with others. It is truly making a difference in girls’ lives as many of them share with me through a phone call, a note, or by talking to me at church! I know your book has been a thought-provoking, challenging, and great spiritual tool in helping young girls today. I’ve come to love these girls as my own. And just to think even how much more God loves them!